Toolkits for DNA vaccine design, an update

This conference covered the whole area of DNA vaccine design starting from gene design, defining of transcription and translation signals, packaging, delivery, induction of innate immune response and role of adjuvants, induction and expansion of adaptive immune response, prime and boost strategies, success of DNA vaccines in cancer and infectious diseases, comparison of DNA vaccines to other vaccine modalities. We also invite the representatives of R&D companies and state agencies involved in the development, production and distribution of vaccines to discuss the business models for DNA vaccines, public perception of the vaccines and their perspectives for human and veterinarian use. Each thematic block will open with an introductory lecture introducing the basics and the main achievements in the given area. In the end of the introductory key-note lecture, the lectors share their views on the DNA vaccines and their pros and cons connected to the area covered. We encourage the spread of the information about the conference to the PhD and master students affiliation in your institute - we plan to give a lot of time to short presentations of young researchers performing vaccine-related research.

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